In this article, I will be explaining the step by step process to dockerize a production-ready simple flask application and how to implement gitlab CI on top of it for smooth integration flow.

Our flask application contains a simple endpoint /apis/time which will fetch the current time. Link to the demo application is given at the end of this article. As we are going to make it production ready, we will have to use a production-quality WSGI server. So we will be using waitress for this. There are other production quality WSGI servers available there e.g. gunicorn which you can…

Here, in this article, I will discuss how to use GitLab CI along with Docker to create a seamless flow for building your artifacts such as, a docker image for your application, which you can use to deploy your application easily. In this post, I have discussed how to dockerize a simple react based application. In this post, I will extend this discussion to showcase the benefits of the GitLab CI/CD tool.

As most of you would know, GitLab is a version controlling system just like GitHub. Though GitHub also has the feature for CI/CD, I personally like GitLab for…

In this post, I will be explaining how I dockerized a very simple react application. No theory, straight to the practice with a detailed example. So, let’s get started.

Pre-requisite: Basics of react.js, docker, and Nginx.

STEP 1: Create a basic react app using create-react-app: We don't want to waste our time creating a fancy looking app. Hence :

  1. Make sure node.js is installed in your system
  2. Open up a terminal and npx create-react-app <app-name>
  3. Run npm run build. (This will create a /build folder in the root directory, which contains the build artifacts)

STEP 2: Write our Dockerfile:


Ever wondered why do giant social networks like Whatsapp, Duo etc put a limit on the maximum number of people that can join a single video/audio call? In this article, I am gonna explain it in a very simplified manner.

More or less, most of the social media platforms use webRTC library provided by Google to ease the development as well as reduce cost when it comes providing a seamless video/audio chat experience to its clients. Don’t get scared by the term webRTC now 😬. While working with a similar product (Check it on :, I came to know…

Source : From author’s PC

Surprised ??? Well, I too had the same reaction when I came to know about this feature in Windows. Let me brief you about how I got to know about this feature in Windows.

I had been using Ubuntu Linux for last 2 yrs. For some reason I had to settle myself with a Windows system during these COVID’19 pandemic times. I was just doing some random stuffs and out of nowhere I opened a command prompt shell and typed ssh after my mentor Monik Raj asked me to try it. …

API gateway - Reverse proxy - Forward Proxy - Load Balancer - What not !!! — CONFUSED??

Well, most of the developers find themselves confused when they are dealing with such terminologies. I, myself was very much bewildered when I encountered those terms. Here, I figure out few basic differences/similarities and try to give you a taste about what these actually mean.

Okay, let me dive into the topic right away. First, let’s talk about reverse proxy.

In simple terms, reverse proxy is nothing but a simple server, that sits between a client(internet) and other back-end servers, takes a request…

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